Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog Peer Response 3

I chose to respond to Lisa's blog on a celebrity endorsement. However, in this case, there were two celebrities endorsing the product. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the stars of shows like full house and other teen movies, are shown in the rather famous "got milk?" ads. Like the ad typically goes, the twins are shown donning the famous milk mustache that the ad is known for. I like that Lisa touched on the girl's history before going into detail about the ad. Mary-Kate's time spent in rehab for an eating disorder might make some question her qualifications when it comes to a food endorsement. At a whopping 80 pounds, Mary-Kate looked more than a little unhealthy. Lisa notes that because of the manny issues with weight the twins have, that they are not an appropriate choice for the "got milk?" ad campaign.

I especially liked Lisa's link to a different web page, which made a rather clever observation. Milk is promoted to young children because of the benefits it has; it helps them grow into strong, healthy adults. Not only do the twins look frighteningly skinny, but they are rather short too, which only adds to the obvious fact that they were not a wise choice for the ad campaign.

Lisa's blog was informative and interesting, and I really enjoyed reading it!

Lisa's Blog

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