Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post 5: "Real" food vs. "fake" food

A few years ago, my parents had a small garden in our backyard where they grew tomatoes, a few types of lettuce, herbs, and acorn squash. My dad always used to make pasta sauce with the best tomatoes and it was so amazing! However, when winter rolls around and the garden becomes a small patch of snow-covered dirt in our backward, we have to resort to using canned tomatoes again. I love pasta, so regardless of the freshness of the ingredients, I will still gladly eat it. However, when comparing the two types of tomatoes (canned vs fresh), the fresh tomatoes are far more appealing. Canned tomatoes never look to appetizing to me. They are usually pre-boiled and skinned, so what's left is a red tomatoey blob that you mash up to make your pasta sauce. Now a fresh tomato is amazing! When you pick them warm out of the sun they look and smell so delicious! Despite what you may think, canned tomatoes are good for you! Many experts believe that people need to be consuming more fruits and vegetables, regardless of how fresh they are. For more information, check out this article. Although during the winter it is a necessity to use canned tomatoes, I am looking forward planting a garden again when it starts to warm up!!
Michael Pollan encourages everyone to go back to eating real foods rather than processed foods because of the many health benefits linked to "real" food. I found another article here that talks about some other processed foods versus their real counterparts, and the pros and cons of each. Check it out!

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