Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog Peer Response 1

I chose Austin Spohn's blog about preparing a meal to write my first blog peer response on. The meal he chose to make was a simple pasta marinara with chicken and steamed green beans. He started with gathering the ingredients, and I like how he made references to specific types of pasta and even exact measurements. The specificity of it made it seem like a real recipe. He gave useful suggestions on how to marinate meat, and even his favorite type of marinade. Austin is sure to be specific with the timing in his recipe so that anyone could follow along at home. He continues to give step by step instructions on how to properly cook the pasta and steam the veggies. He even gives a description of what cooke chicken should look like for the many cooking rookies out there. I think austin did a great job of retelling his meal preparation. He included step-by-step instructions on how to cook his dish and even included a section about clean up at the end. Austin chose a very well rounded meal and connected what he made to Pollan's book nicely. Too bad I was hungry when i read this one..

Austin Spohn's Blog

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