Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Peer Response 2

I read Tom's blog post about Ozzy Osbourne's endorsement of "i can't Believe it's not butter" butter substitute. Tom has a nice reference picture of Ozzy just in case anyone doesn't know who the so called, "prince of darkness" is. Tom talks about the rather strange paring of Ozzy with this rather harmless butter substitute. He notes that it would be more fitting if Ozzy were to endorse something tough, crude, or even related to music. In the blog, Tom provides a link to one of the rather funny commercials for the butter spread. Tom also provides a link for an article commenting on the many different commercials Ozzy did for the buttery product.
I really liked Tom's choice of celebrity endorsement. It was funny, and certainly surprising. However, I do not think Ozzy has any credibility when it comes to promoting this butter substitute. Besides his personal opinion, he has no real credentials that would make his participation in the commercials valid. Despite all that, I think the company did a good job in marketing their product by having such a random commercial that still captured the attention of their audience.

Below is a link to Tom's Blog.

Tom's Celebrity Endorsement

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