Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post 2: Analysis of a Celebrity Endorsement

The celebrity endorsement I chose is a diet product called Quick Trim. It is endorsed by Kim and Khloe Kardashian and is all over the media. I have seen large ads for the product at the mall, with a giant picture of Kim Kardashian promoting the product. Quick Trim is a dieting plan that offers 48 hour super diets, 14 day diets, and even an 8 hour weight loss pill.

Here you can see Kim Kardashian promoting the diet plan, and a quote about how it worked for her.

On their website, Quick trim has a video of the Kardashian sisters (bathing suit clad) talking about how sexy and skinny they feel because of the Quick Trim diet. You can also see about ten pictures of the Kardashian sisters as well as order the product at the bottom of the page. As if their endorsement wasn't clear enough, the actual product has Kim Kardashian's face on it.
Quick Trim Website

In my opinion, the Kardashian sisters have no real reason to be endorsing this product. Neither sister is a nutritionist or dietician, and they have no medical license that would give them any credibility. However, I do think the endorsement will be successful. The growing popularity of the Kardashian sisters will give the diet product the right amount of publicity it needs to sell.

A diet and fitness website agrees with my skeptical views of whether or not the diet actually works. They argue that the weight lost through the diet will be regained after you stop taking the diet pills. you can find a link to that website below.
QuickTrim skeptics

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