Friday, March 19, 2010

Demonstration Speech

My demonstration speech taught the class how to wax a snowboard. The fact that we all live here in wisconsin (at least for part of the year) I thought it would be a relevant topic for anyone who has, or was considering trying out a fun new winter sport. I wrote my speech well in advance, and made sure to have clearly organized steps. I did my best to relay as much information as I could in the time given, and I made sure my speech wouldn't be too confusing.

As far as the physical presentation went, I think that I need to improve the most in that area. I had no trouble being enthusiastic, considering that snowboarding is something I am very passionate about. However, I do think I need to work on slowing down my speech and speaking clearly. Because my presentation was something I was so familiar with, I had no problem making eye contact with the class. It was hard to judge my body language when reviewing my speech because I spent most of my time going through the motions on how to wax a board, however I did think that the motions were very useful in my demonstration.

My visual aids were the strongest aspect of my speech, because I had almost everything required to wax my board, including my snowboard which was a pain to bring to all of my classes. I thought I used my visual aids well and clearly showed the class how to wax a snowboard.

I liked my topic choice because it was something very familiar to me. It was a fun and easy topic to demonstrate to the class. I don't think I would add any other content to my speech if I could improve just one aspect, I most likely would choose to speak slowly and clearly so that the class could better understand me. Below is a link to my demonstration speech.

my demonstration speech

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